Five Things To Know This Hurricane Season

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The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1, and it’s forecast to be one of the most active seasons on record. Here’s five things to know as we kick off what is likely going to be a hyperactive season. A historic forecast has been issued: NOAA’s recent May hurricane outlook had the highest numbers forecast by […]

Darwin200 Project Sets Sail To Retrace Charles Darwin’s Legendary Expedition

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A brave and dedicated group of scientists is setting sail to inspire a new era of conservation and ignite a global passion for environmental stewardship. Stewart McPherson, the project leader behind Darwin200, has spent more than a decade breathing life into this audacious expedition, retracing Darwin’s historic 1830s voyage on a century-old tall ship. “There […]

Will Canadian Wildfire Smoke Be As Bad This Year?

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As flames and smoke rise in Canada, so does the question: Will this summer be like the last one? “The next six weeks or so is critical,” senior meteorologist Jonathan Erdman said Friday. That’s because, according to research published in February, more than two thirds of the area burned during 2023’s record Canadian fire year can be traced […]

Globe’s Warmest April Is 11th Straight Record Month, NOAA And NASA Found

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April was E​arth’s warmest on record, the latest in a stretch of monthly heat marks going back almost a year, according to newly-released data from four different agencies. New month, another record: In a report released Tuesday, NOAA found April’s globally averaged temperature was 2.38 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average, and about 0.32 degrees warmer than […]

Hurricane Season Is One Month Away. Here’s How Things Look Right Now

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The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is only one month away, and signs continue to point to one of the most active seasons on record. Atlantic hot tub: The entire North Atlantic Ocean has been breaking daily warm records for over a year, according to University of Miami tropical scientist Brian McNoldy. In particular, the strip of water […]

Category 6 Sets Its Sights Over the Rainbow

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This rainbow appears unusually low in the sky because it has formed early in the afternoon, rather than toward sunset. For a rainbow to form, water droplets must be present in the air in front of an observer and the sun must be shining from behind the observer. Rainbows result from the refraction and reflection […]

What Makes A Storm Severe? There’s Three Criteria You Might Not Know

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You might hear about a storm system producing severe weather, but when it comes to thunderstorms, specific criteria must be satisfied for a storm to be deemed “severe”. Here’s a quick rundown of each, though note only one of the three needs to be met: 1. Hail Must Be Quarter-Sized Or Larger That’s about 1 […]

Total solar eclipse wows North America. Clouds part just in time for most

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A chilly, midday darkness fell across North America on Monday as a total solar eclipse raced across the continent, thrilling those lucky enough to behold the spectacle through clear skies. Street lights blinked on and the planets came into view, as the moon shrouded the sun for a few minutes across the land. Dogs howled, frogs croaked and some […]

7 Things You Should Never Forget When Tornadoes Strike

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Tornadoes can be a year-round threat for many states. Here’s a refresher on what’s most important to remember when tornadoes threaten your home. The tips below were provided by Dr. Greg Forbes, a retired severe weather expert at The Weather Channel, and NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center. 1. Figure out a safe place to ride out the storm […]