How Does Fog Form?

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Fog is a visible mass of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air near the ground. It forms when the air becomes saturated with moisture and the water vapor condenses into small water droplets. Several factors contribute to the formation of fog: Humidity: Fog forms when the air becomes saturated with moisture. This […]

Twelve days of AOML research


Happy Holidays to all!  As we close out 2023, join us as we look back at some of our top research highlights this year! From responding to heat waves to setting records and launching new tech, our dedicated team continues to push the boundary in an effort to support NOAA’s mission to build a climate-ready […]

Volcano Erupts In Southwestern Iceland


GRINDAVIK, Iceland (AP) — A volcano has erupted in southwestern Iceland, sending a flash of light into the evening sky and spewing semi-molten rock into the air in a spectacular show of Earth’s power in the land known for fire and ice. The eruption Monday night appears to have occurred about 4 kilometers (2.4 miles) […]

Endangered Species List Grows By 2,000. Climate Change Is Part Of The Problem

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Climate change is worsening the planet’s biodiversity crises, making environments more deadly for thousands of species and accelerating the precipitous decline in the number of plants and animals on Earth, according to an international organization that tracks species health. Species of salmon and turtles are among those facing a decline as the planet warms. Atlantic […]

Types of Winter Weather


Winter weather can bring about a wide variety of meteorological phenomena, each having its own special characteristics and a wide-range of impacts. The following are some common types of winter weather: Snowfall: Description: Snowfall occurs when atmospheric conditions are favorable for the creation of ice crystals in clouds. These ice crystals then combine to form […]

3 Dead and 3 Missing After Landslide Rips Through Remote Alaska Fishing Community

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Three people were killed and three were missing after a landslide barreled down a heavily forested, rain-soaked mountainside and smashed into homes in a remote fishing community in southeast Alaska. The slide — estimated to be 450 feet (137 meters) wide — occurred at about 9 p.m. Monday during a significant rain and windstorm near […]

Winter Storm Warning Snow Totals Depend On Where You Live


W​inter storm warnings are issued by the National Weather Service dozens of times each year, but the amount of snow that triggers this type of alert is determined by where you live. A winter storm warning means a significant, high-impact winter weather event is imminent or ongoing: This could be in the form of snow or […]

Driver Describes Harrowing Conditions On Smoky I-10 Near New Orleans


​Truck driver Chase Ward was driving on Interstate 10 near New Orleans Tuesday when traffic came to a stop in a thick haze of wildfire smoke. “There was zero visibility,” Ward told The Weather Channel. A series of crashes on the road left at least one person dead. Ward, on his way to make a […]