Why Have Some South Carolina Beaches Had Such Beautiful Blue Water Lately?


The waters along South Carolina’s Grand Strand have been a gorgeous blue as of late, prompting some visitors to make comparisons to the Caribbean.

It’s called the blue water phenomenon — waters are clearer due to a lack of storms. Water temperatures play a role in the water’s color as well.

Oceans Are Changing Colors, Likely Due To Climate Change.

“Calm seas from a lack of stormy weather can help settle sand and other sediment, revealing clearer waters,” weather.com digital meteorologist Chris Dolce explained. “If runoff from streams and rivers is also limited, that can also keep additional sediment from entering the ocean.”

The Atlantic hasn’t yet had any big storms this hurricane season to churn the local waters, and the South Carolina coast has even had a lack of local stormy weather. A long period of calm ocean waters can leave behind a crystal blue sea reminiscent of the tropics. The beautiful blue may linger along the South Carolina coast until a large-scale storm hits the area and stirs up sediment.

“It will likely take more than a single isolated thunderstorm to stir it up again,” Dolce said. “So, more like a widespread storm, or heavy rain event.”

The water is most clear and vibrant in the early afternoon, WMBF-TV reported.

Source: https://www.wunderground.com/article/travel/news/2023-07-18-south-carolina-blue-waters

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